Our Milkshakes are 99% fat free, low in sugar, no artificial flavour, no artificial colours, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Please see availability of our various toppings which could include whipped cream, mint aero, maltesers, oreo,  chocolate orange, marshmallows, or chocolate curls.

Choose from wide variety of flavour or mix & match your favourite flavours:

- Almond         - Banana           - Bubblegum         - Butterscotch          - Caramel

- Caramelized peanut             - Cherry                 - Chocolate           - Chocolate brownie

- Hazelnut      - Gingerbread   - Irish Cream       - Popcorn              - Strawberry       

- Triple sec     - Toffee              - Vanilla             


             Drink your fruits and vegetables in the most healthful way possible. All of our smoothies are made of fresh fruits and greens 100% natural and no additives added. Make your smoothie to your preference by choosing 3 fresh fruits with fat-free yoghurt, skimmed milk or fruit juice.

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