All syrups are vegan and gluten free. Choices of milk include full milk, skimmed milk, soya milk and oat milk.


             We select our coffee from the very best local supplier, with numerous awards for beautiful flavours and fantastic blends, Arden Coffee. We aim to provide you with the correct high quality product to make the perfect drink. All our coffees can be made with decaffeinated coffee if required. Our coffee is ground fresh to order.

Hot Coffee:

     *Espresso or double espresso

     * Americano

     * Cappucino

     * Filter coffee

     * Latte

     * Matcha latte

     * Flat white

     * Mocha

Cold Coffee:    

     * Iced coffee- espresso shot poured over a glass of cold milk and ice. Add any extra syrup if preferred.

     * Frappes- enjoy an iced coffee beverage that has been blended with tasty foam and refreshing blended drink served cold.

Please see availability of our various toppings which could include;  whipped cream, mint aero, maltesers, oreo, chocolate orange, mini marshmallows or chocolate curls.


             We offer you high range of good quality tea from award winning Novus Teas. 

Hot Tea:

* Black tea: English Breakfast, Sapphire Earl Grey, Spiced Chai, Peak district brew, Decaffeinated, Strawberry and cream, Organic Darjeeling

* Green & White Tea: Green, White pear and ginger, Organic Jasmine, Eight Secrets of the far East, Pai mu tan

*Herbal, Caffeine free tea: Wild encounter, Egyptian Mint, Persian Pomegranate, Spicy rooibos, Beetroot, Citrus chamomile, Lemon verbena

Iced Tea:

     Cool off with our refreshing and delicious iced-cold tea brewed fresh in our cafe to provide you unique experience you can't find elsewhere. 

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